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MapleStory APP Instructions

App of Maplesea bot has been lauched to enable players to bet on the mobile phone client anywhere and anytime, welcome to join us.


1.Users plz download the app first and register an account on the phone,plz keep ur account password in mind so that u can bind ur ign to the account,or do conversion between mesos and App points.

2.Players can bind ur character name(ign) to ur App account by whispering the dicer during betting time on the computer.whisper method:BD Appaccount.

3.Players can convert ur mesos in balance to App points by whispering the dicer at betting time on the computer.EX acccount username Mesos.ig: EX Juno 2b means covert ur 2b to Juno,Juno is app-account username.

4.Players can convert ur points to balance mesos on the App.Personal Center→Points→Credits Exchange→Game→World.



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To facilitate user browsing data, according to the MapleStory servers,The merge Eridanus,Fomax, Gemini,Hercules,Izar, Jynarvis into Delphinus.